July 2020 – A9X VoodooShield launched. The ultimate anti-malware protection for ships, remote sites and offices with zero-day threat protection. Can be easily installed, used, and configured remotely as it’s fully integrated with A9X Cyber Detective. VoodooShield is the only deny-by-default anti-virus ever to be recognized the PCMAG “Best Anti-Virus Protection” Top 10 List.

June 2020 - A9X Cyber Security, specialists in maritime offshore cyber security software solutions, is proud to announce our partnership with VoodooSoft LLC to resell their innovative anti-malware software VoodooShield. A9X has exclusive rights to distribute VoodooShield to the maritime industry. After researching several top anti-malware software solutions, A9X found that VoodooShield was the best solution for ships and remote worksites providing customers with absolute protection against the 300,000 plus new malware released every day. One of the key benefits of VoodooShield is its ability to block any new zero-day cyber threats and act as a “lock” as opposed to traditional anti-virus which acts as a filter and cannot prevent zero-day threats from infecting your PC. VoodooShield is a very smart solution and utilizes machine learning and AI technology which allows for safe internet access at all times. In addition, and unlike traditional anti-virus it requires no large virus signature file and engine updates making it perfect for low bandwidth and pay per MB Satcoms used onboard vessels.

Fully integrated with A9X Cyber Detective, VoodooShield can be deployed and configured remotely with no crew intervention required. Contact A9X today for a free trial.

May 2020 – A9X Defender anti-virus for ships and remote sites launched. Integrated with A9X Cyber Detective, Defender can be installed and configured remotely. Full virus signature updates can be scheduled to update all PC’s onboard every 6hrs, every day, or whatever the IT manager chooses. Extreme file size reduction of up to 100-1 making it economical on bandwidth and fast for satellite links.

March 2020 – A9X Optimiser launched. A highly effective software engine for transferring data over high latency low bandwidth satellite links. The engine has been integrated into A9X Cyber Detective so that large file transfer sizes can be reduced significantly, saving on bandwidth, time and money.

December 2019 – A9X Cyber Detective launched. A unique dedicated cyber security software that identifies, detects, monitors, protects, audits, reports and recovers from all cyber threats. Cyber Detective is easy to install remotely, and operate. Lightweight install files of 60MB and daily reporting usage of just 2-6KB per vessel. Controlled and configurable via the A9X dashboard, Cyber Detective provides complete visibility on all software and hardware specifications and potential cyber threats.

A9X LogoOctober 2019 – A9X Cyber Security commences business specialising in software development for the maritime and offshore markets. Software development focused on cyber security compliance for IMO’s (International Maritime Organizations) Cyber Risk Management code resolution 428(98), which is due to come into effect January 2021. Due to our vast experience in maritime ICT (over 40 years plus experience), everything we develop is optimised for satellite and high latency systems.

April 2015 - A9X Pte Ltd established in Singapore.

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