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A9X Defender


A9X Defender is a specially developed maritime anti-virus solution optimized for use over low bandwidth and high latency satellite links. Integrated with A9X Cyber Detective and managed via the A9X Dashboard, A9X Defender has a host of unique features designed for maritime and remote site cyber security.

No longer do your vessels need to be at risk from the latest cyber threats using weekly micro-updates. A9X Defender provides full virus signature updates the same as you would normally have in your office, but without the huge file sizes by using A9X transfer technology, which reduces file sizes up to 90%.


  • Smart solution, fully integrated with A9X Cyber Detective (ACD)
  • Remote installation and configuration, no engineer visit required
  • Virus signature updates automatically downloaded to ACD Client which distributes to the ACD Agents and updates A9X Defender PC’s onboard
  • Customizable update frequency scheduling (hourly 1, 6, 12, 24, daily, weekly)
  • Visibility from shore of update status, or if anti-virus is disabled onboard
  • Extremely economical and data light with file size reduction of up to 100 to 1
  • Managed and configured via secure A9X Dashboard
  • Integrated into Windows 7 and 10, supported by Microsoft
  • Integrated with optional A9X Voodoo Shield for zero-day threat protection making the ultimate solution to protect against any cyber threat
  • Simple low cost per vessel pricing of less than $30 per month (up to 6 PCs)
  • Defender received 100% for Protection, Performance and Usability – Top 4 software out of 18. June 2020.

    The best Windows anti-virus software for business users.

A9X Defender is one of the best ranked anti-virus software in the world today. What’s even better is it’s integrated with A9X Cyber Detective, thus providing complete management,
visibility and remote control from the office IT department. See the rankings from AVTEST in June 2020

A9X Recommend installation both A9X Defender and VoodooShield for maximum security.