Cybersecurity Software

A9X Cyber Detective

A9X develops specialised cybersecurity software for the maritime and oil & gas markets, designed for use at sea, or remote locations.

A9X Cyber Detective (ACD) provides hardware/software compliance for IMO 428(98), Cyber Risk Management at Sea, which comes into effect January 2021. ACD will give the office IT staff complete visibility of what software and hardware is running on each PC, and any potential cyber threats.

Key features:

  • Identifies, Detects, Monitors, Audits, and Reports potential threats.
  • Compares PC status against over 300 NIST and other government cybersecurity rules.
  • Remote installation and management via A9X Dashboard/Cloud.
  • Built-in intelligent features and optimized for Satcoms, up to 100-1 data size reduction.
  • Data-light installation files (under 60MB), daily reporting 2-6KB.
  • Fully customizable security settings and reporting
  • Integrated Antivirus (A9X Defender), and Malware (A9X VoodooShield) protection.
  • Simple to install and use. Can also be used in the office.

ACD is a unique bespoke cybersecurity software which we are constantly developing new modules for. Coming soon are NIDS (network intrusion detection) monitoring and an auto-update module for efficient Windows OS system management.

A9X Cyber Security provides an organization’s IT department an intuitive web-based solution with which to monitor their entire computer infrastructure’s for critical operating system updates. By knowing which machines are missing important updates, steps can be taken to apply patches which will protect your network from computer born viruses while making sure your machines are fully optimized and free from bugs. IT Solutions Manager – Global Service Company